Unique design concepts that use nature as my inspiration.

 Designing with nature in mind...

Designs by Caroline is unique in the sense that in my style of design, whether it be in Landscape Design, Floral Design or my Leaf Impression Designs, nature is my inspiration. 

My Leaf Impressions Cast Garden Stones are made from the many species of plants in my gardens.  

Varieties of Hosta, Elephant Ear, Sunflower, Salvia, Cabbage, Rhubarb, Gourd Vine Leaves, Morning Glory, Caladium, Nasturtium, just to name a few, are used. The original purpose for creating these was to enhance my gardens with this form of art. The cup- like form of the concrete stone catches rainwater. Therefore, bees, butterfilies and small birds are able to get a drink from them. Here I go again promoting pollination in the landscape!  To my surprise, my clients have purchased them for many other uses such as coffee table conversation pieces, decorations, candy dishes, serving spoon holders, soap dishes and so many more creative uses for my Garden Stones. They make such special and unique gifts.  Each Leaf Impression is the "Fingerprint of the Leaf" just like our own fingerprints...no two leaves are the same. Each leaf is individually hand-crafted, painted & sealed. They are truly pieces of nature preserved.  

Floral Design became an interest of mine because of my own gardens.  I use dried flowers, seed pods, leaves, mosses, mushrooms, bark and other items in my gardens and incorporate them into my designs.   My love for the many birds, butterflies and honeybees throughout my gardens is always reflected in my designs.  I use quality silk flowers and accessories with one of a kind containers.  Again, no two designs are the same as nature is my inspiration.

Designs by Caroline

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I am a certified Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, Floriculturist, Master Gardener and a Graphic Designer.  The years of being a professional graphic designer and my passion for gardening led me on my path to Horticultural School and to the completion of the Master Gardener Program through Penn State.  I continue with studies in  Horticulture, Landscape Design and related fields for nature continuously provides ongoing lessons.  I have found my own gardens to be my best hands-on classroom. 

In designing a landscape, nature is my best inspiration.  I try to incorporate the existing surrounding landscape and its elements into the design.  With that said, keeping nature in mind, I think this provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Within that landscape, thought is given to designing spaces that encompass outdoor sitting areas so one may relax and enjoy the landscape. Designs with gently winding pathways encourage delightful strolls through your gardens. Along the way, your attention may be drawn to the variety of blooms softly waving in the summer breeze. 

You can watch the wonderful pollinators that are attracted to your outdoor refuge. Here is where my horticulture background comes into play. I design with nature in mind to create an environment that is attractive to birds, butterflies and other pollinators. This benefits not only your landscape, but the environment as well. 

There are so many Landscape Design options to customize to your liking. Landscape Design starts with getting together with the client, listening to your ideas, wants and needs regarding your landscape.  I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your garden or landscape project.